3.2" Touch Screen Color Display ( LCD )

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This is a 3.2" touch screen color display connects to miniPRO's Dyno Electronic Board with the included 8" data cable, and lets you get your max and live data displayed without a PC.

The display shows you your live Voltage, Amperage, Wattage Temperatures, RPM, mAH used, and more! Since you can know your mAH after your session, you know approximately how much juice is left in your pack!


  • Live Data Reading 
  • Max. Value storage for your Current Draw.
  • 480 x 240 Resolution
  • RGB 65K true to life colors
  • Touch Screen
  • On board micro-SD card for firmware upgrade
  • Visual Area : 95mm(L) × 54mm(W)

Compatible with:

Included in the box:

  • 3.2" Touch Screen Display
  • 200mm (8in) data cable

**Please note, if you like to use this display without your PC, you need to power the dyno board with an external battery connected to the microusb port.**

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