miniPRO® 3.2" Touch Screen Color Display ( LCD )
This is a 3.2" touch screen color display connects to miniPRO's Dyno Electronic Board with the included 8" data cable, and...
miniPRO® 3.2in Touch Screen Display Cable
Connector: JST-XH: 4 Pin Wire: 22AWG Length: 200mm
miniPRO® A1 Voltage & Current Sensor
This is a miniPRO voltage and current sensor board. DC current is determined by measuring a voltage drop across a...
miniPRO® Dyno Electronic Board v2.0
Features True Torque and Power measurements via Flywheel Mass External LCD Port Servo/ESC Control Port Current and Voltage Measurements Port...
miniPRO® IR Temp. Sensor
  Non-contact infrared thermometer sensor for use with the miniPRO® Dyno. Unlike most temperature sensors, this sensor measures infrared light...
miniPRO® Temp. Sensor - Motor Loop
Loop-around temperature sensor measures temp up to 420 degrees F. Great for looping around motors. Up to two temperature sensors can...
miniPRO® Throttle Controller Sensor
This is a Throttle/ESC controller sensor board. This sensor has been pre-programmed to be used with our Electric Motor Dyno. With...
miniPRO® USB Micro B Cable - 3ft
This 3ft. USB cable is for use with our miniPRO Dyno Electronic Board. This is a standard "micro" USB cable,...
Standard USB Mini B Cable - 20in
This 20in. USB cable is for use with our ESC Controller Board. This is a standard "mini" USB cable, used...