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This is a MINIPRO® H1 voltage and current sensor board. DC current is determined by a fully integrated Hall Effect based linear current sensor. This sensor is extremely accurate and requires a calibration each time the dyno is powered.

Sensor Specification:

Max Voltage Max. Current Vol. Accuracy Current Accuracy UPC
13V 50A +/- 0.05V +/- 0.10A 0753340771016
13V 100A +/- 0.05V +/- 0.20A 0753340771023
13V 150A +/- 0.05V +/- 0.25A 0753340771030
13V 200A  +/- 0.05V +/- 0.30A 0753340771047
50V 50A +/- 0.05V +/- 0.10A 0753340771153
50V 100A +/- 0.05V +/- 0.20A 0753340771160
50V 150A +/- 0.05V +/- 0.25A 0753340771177
50V 200A +/- 0.05V +/- 0.30A 0753340771184

Note: Minimum operation voltage is 5V. Above accuracy was tested using 12AWG@100mm length at each side of the sensor (200mm wire total). To reduce the losses of our sensor, try to reduce the wire length as much possible.

Calibration Instructions:

  1. Open the miniPRO for Windows application and connect the dyno to the application.
  2. Connect the power source to the sensor and make sure the ESC is turned off.
  3. Push the reset button from the back of your dyno; and the current should read zero or close.
  4. Power your ESC and you should be ready to start your testing.


Package Content:

  • (1) Selected Voltage and Current Sensor
  • (2) 12 awg wires - 150mm (soldering required)

Note: 3 pins sensor cable not included.


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