H1 Voltage & Current Sensor

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This is a MINIPRO® H1 voltage and current sensor board. DC current is determined by a fully integrated Hall Effect based linear current sensor. This sensor is extremely accurate and requires a calibration each time the dyno is powered.

Sensor Specification:

Max Voltage Max. Current Vol. Accuracy Current Accuracy UPC
13V 50A +/- 0.05V +/- 0.10A 0753340771016
13V 100A +/- 0.05V +/- 0.20A 0753340771023
13V 150A +/- 0.05V +/- 0.25A 0753340771030
13V 200A  +/- 0.05V +/- 0.30A 0753340771047
50V 50A +/- 0.05V +/- 0.10A 0753340771153
50V 100A +/- 0.05V +/- 0.20A 0753340771160
50V 150A +/- 0.05V +/- 0.25A 0753340771177
50V 200A +/- 0.05V +/- 0.30A 0753340771184

Note: Minimum operation voltage is 5V. Above accuracy was tested using 12AWG@100mm length at each side of the sensor (200mm wire total). To reduce the losses of our sensor, try to reduce the wire length as much possible.

Package Content:

  • (1) Selected Voltage and Current Sensor
  • (2) 12 awg wires - 150mm (soldering required)

Note: 3 pins sensor cable not included.


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