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This is a universal inertia motor dynamometer (dyno) that measures the rpm, kv, voltage, current draw, power and torque output of a electric motor. This dyno is great tool for motor...


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This is a universal inertia motor dynamometer (dyno) that measures the rpm, kv, voltage, current draw, power and torque output of a electric motor. This dyno is great tool for motor analysis, ESC (boost) adjustment, brushless sensor adjustment, gearing calculation, etc. The dyno is coupled to a 540/550 motor or a Outrunner motor via a pulley and belt to accelerate the inertial mass. We will call this a ‘flywheel’ for simplicity. Our electronic board takes the flywheel’s inertia (resistance of an object to a change in its state of motion), measures the rate it takes to accelerate and calculates the output power and torque of your motor. Our dyno repeatedly measures and calculates power in small increments to produce an accurate graph on a PC of the engine’s power characteristics. 



The dyno uses a high quality 6061 aluminum frame cover around the flywheel to protect from high rpm motors. Yet we still offer the ability to see the flywheel spinning action by adding a clear window screen. In addition, a clear Plexiglas shield covers the belt to protect from possible belt breakage.

Aluminum flywheel Cover with belt shield protection.


The dyno uses the engine to simply accelerate a flywheel (variable load). We calculate the power and torque of the motor by knowing the flywheels inertia (resistance of an object to a change in its state of motion) and its acceleration. We offer different sizes and materials to best suit your motor application. Additional flywheels can be purchased separately.



Screw into baseboard to securely fasten the dyno. Screw #3 is optional. 



Select two type of motor holders: (1) 540/550 motor holder, and (2) Outrunner motor holder. 


The dyno includes two size of pulleys: 3.175mm, and 5mm bore to use with Outrunner and 540/550 motors. 4mm bore can be purchase separately.


The flywheel incorporates a set of 2 high-speed, black-sealed, steel ball-bearings throughout the assembly to ensure maximum efficiency.



 Precise, otherwise known as "Repeatability"  is what you want in a dyno, that means test the same electric motor time after time and get the same results. Our dyno is capable of repeatable test results using the ESC Controller Board (Sold Separately). 



The dyno uses a custom PCB with a build Optical RPM sensor, delivering low noise and accurate readings. It features a built-in micro USB for connection to your PC. It includes one external LCD port, one external throttle controller port, one current and voltage sensor port, and two temperature sensor ports.



The dyno includes the software to analyse motors. 


  • Real-Time Data Display
  • Real-Time Data Plotting in 2D
  • Multiple Charts Selection
  • Unit Systems: English & Metric
  • Multiple Runs on the Same Screen Graph
  • Summary Information Screen for Quick Results and Analysis
  • Graphical Gauge Setup Options
  • Graph Curves Settings
  • Logging Data, and Saved in .CSV Format
  • Edit Data Live without Using 3rd Party Software such as Excel
  • Save/Load Previous Runs, including the Graphs
  • Print Test Results
  • Compatible with RC Crew Chief (RC3) - see picture below









 ** This is a sample dyno test results using RC3. This software IS NOT INCLUDED. Please visit RC3 website for more details. **



R/C Car Flywheel Guide (8.4V Test Method)
540/550 Motor Flywheel V/C Sensor
17.5T and above 124D Steel Flywheel 50V/180A Sensor
17.5T-13.5T 124D Aluminum Flywheel 50V/180A Sensor
13.5T and below 90D Aluminum Flywheel 50V/180A Sensor



The sensor's current rating must be above your ESC current rating.



Please see below videos from RC Magazine and Tim Smith.


First Look Video 

Review Video

 Unboxing Video

Click HERE



  • Torque: 1N/m Max (with GT2 2mm Belt)
  • RPM: 100K Max
  • Units: English & Metric
  • Adjustable Reading and Logging Rate: Up to 50Hz


  • (1) R/C motor dyno with customer's selected flywheel
  • (1) Voltage and current sensor  based on customer's selection
  • (1) Motor mount based on customer's selection
  • (1) Pulley for 3.175 shaft
  • (1) Pulley for 5mm shaft
  • (1) Motor loop temp. sensor
  • (1) Dyno electronic board v1.1
  • (1) Micro-B USB cable


  • Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 10


  • Allen: 1.5mm, 2.0mm
  • Phillips Screw Driver
  • Soldering Iron


  • Electric Motor
    (Based on your selected Motor Mount)
  • Electronic Speed Controller (ESC)
  • Battery to Power ESC and Motor.
  • R/C Transmitter and Receiver Or Servo Tester 
    (Not Required if using ESC Throttle Controller Board)
  • Windows PC with 1 USB Port
    (Two USB ports are required when using the ESC Throttle Controller Sensor)


  • For Instructions Guide, Software, and Drivers please go to our download area.

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