High Torque Belt Kit of Motor Dyno (Inertia)

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This is an optional high torque belt kit for the miniPRO Motor Dyno. This belt kit is used to increase the allowable torque of the dyno by 500 N·mm while keeping a low friction coefficient.

miniPRO Belt Drive Kit description of materials and interchangability



  • 6061 Aluminum Pulleys 
  • Heavy Duty Belt

Compatible with:

Package Content:

  • (1) 16T-3.175mm diam. motor pulley
  • (1) 16T-5mm diam. motor pulley
  • (1) 32T-10mm diam. flywheel pulley
  • (1) Heavy Duty Belt 

Note: You need firmware v1.8 or later to use this flywheel. 

ESC Comparison and Brake Testing by Nick Adams

[youtube width="80%" height="80%" video="R6rf67OObYY"]

[youtube width="80%" height="80%" video="shJGUe__h54"]



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