Advantages of using the MINIPRO® Inertia Motor Dyno (Hobby Grade)

Advantages of using the MINIPRO® Inertia Motor Dyno (Hobby Grade)
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The MINIPRO® Electric Dyno offers many advantages when it comes to design and tuning electric motors. It's convenient for many markets, robots, radio control industry, medical, power equipment, and any small-sized motor applications. It's small in size and economic to fit the budget of many customers.

This is an Inertia type Dyno, meaning it tested motor accelerates a flywheel to measure both power and torque. That means, repeated test results one after another. It's also capable of testing any type of small motor by selecting the right configuration of pulley, motor holder, and flywheel. 

The software is  easy to use, and no previous technical experience is necessary to operate this Dyno. The aluminum frame that covers the flywheel serves as protection from high rpm motors.  Measures RPM, KV, Voltage, Current, Torque, Electrical Power, Mechanical Power, Efficiency, mAh, Temperature, and much more. Our software allows you to see the results live in a graph or in a datasheet. Presenting this data to a customer, designer, teacher or using this data at home to perfect the function of your motors are what the this tool is all about. Cool right? 


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